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Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)

The Master of Physiotherapy at ABSMARI is a specialized postgraduate full-time degree program for two years, offered under the disciplines of Orthopedics, Sports, Neuro-Sciences and Cardiopulmonary sciences. This programme offers to learn through state-of-the-art laboratories and practical experiences while employing treatment and rehabilitation techniques without the use of pharmacological agents and purely based on physiotherapy. There is a high demand for such professionals in the Indian sport and healthcare ecosystem and therefore the graduates seek better career opportunities.

At our institute, the students have complete flexibility to opt from a set of specializations based on their interest. These options are:

The students enrolled under this programme are trained to handle conditions like sprain, strain, back pain, arthritis, acute/ chronic joint pain, joint stiffness, poor mobility, post-operative rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

At ABSMARI, MPT Cardiopulmonary Science is a two years postgraduate Physiotherapy course designed to prepare candidates for the various ways and method of treatment of cardiorespiratory conditions like Post Operative coronary artery bypass graft, obstructive and respiratory lung disease etc. Apart from the clinical handling, students also learn to manage ICU conditions involving extensive rehabilitation program to integrate and re-initiate the patient into society.

This programme integrates the clinical, academic and research components of neuro physiotherapy practice, with an emphasis on the management of patients with stroke, parkinsonism, traumatic brain injuries etc.

This programme helps the students gain insight into the subjects of pathomechanics, movement patterns, technique analysis, specific injuries, complications, prevention strategies and their management.


Debashree Mishra’s Parents

“We feel extremely lucky that Debashree is in an environment that allows her to
conduct research on what interests her the most. So in all her time in ABSMARI, she
is fully delighted. To any new student coming to ABSMARI, we would say this: Throw
yourself at every opportunity that comes your way in ABSMARI. You will have a
superb career and delightful life!”



“I think ABSMARI is doing good so far. The management is making all necessary efforts to bring changes and teachers are very approachable and friendly and are willing to help us in every way possible. Our friends have been supportive and welcoming since day one. Thank you for creating a comfortable environment to adjust!”


Udhaya Prakashraj J

“It is a great opportunity to study at ABSMARI. Here we get to learn evidence based practice from highly qualified staff. After joining ABSMARI my approach to learning a topic has definitely changed especially in terms of backing practical application with strong theoretical reasoning and evidence!”

Candidates seeking admission for the Master of Physiotherapy Course must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) with a minimum 50% score, from a recognized university/college.
  • Candidates are also required to complete 6 months rotatory internship after the completion of their graduation.

Course Fees: 1,60,000/year


  • AC Rooms: 85,000/year
  • Non AC Rooms: 70,000/year

Our MPT programme helps the students gain professional insight and relevant expertise in particular specializations of their interest and consequently paves way for them to get into the real industry as specialized professionals in any of the sectors – Cardiopulmonary, neuro physiotherapy, orthopaedics and sports physiotherapy.

  • Health care Industry
  • Schools for Special children
  • Fitness clinics for performance targeting centers
  • Multinational companies Ergonomist or fitness consultant
  • Wherever people are at risk of injury from their work or occupation. Eg ( Sports physiotherapist)